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Traditional Greek Cuisine and Mediterranean Diet

We have identified the Mediterranean diet with Greek cuisine, but this is not entirely correct. Traditional Greek cuisine is a big part of the Mediterranean diet. It has been described as the ideal diet model worldwide due to its beneficial effects on health. It therefore occupies a special place among the kitchens of the rest of the Mediterranean countries.

Greek nutritional wealth

Greek traditional cuisine expresses our history and our cultural heritage. It is based on seasons as our country has a fertile soil and thanks to it a huge variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits. The Greek diet includes many vegetarian dishes. For example, dishes cooked with legumes, rice, pasta and greens in combinations, without completely excluding foods of animal origin. Olive oil is the basic ingredient.

It is one of the few national cuisines that does not follow the triptych of Western cuisine dishes that include appetizers, main course and dessert. The logic of the "meze" is the dominant one, something that the foreigners who try our kitchen for the first time enjoy. The Greek diet is based on products of plant origin. Fruits, vegetables, greens, legumes, cereals and bread are what we are allowed to eat regularly. Fish and seafood should be moderate. Dairy, eggs, meat and poultry should be consumed in moderation. Finally, the Greek tradition even suggests the daily consumption of wine, again of course in moderation.

Meet Greek traditional cuisine at a One Day Cruise

The experience of an one day cruise on the islands of the Saronic Gulf becomes even more special through the activities it offers to its visitors. Choosing the cooking lessons, the chef specializing in Greek cuisine of the cruise ship takes advantage of his passion for Greek traditional cuisine and delivers cooking lessons in the most fun way. Whether you have experience in cooking or not. Live with it all the stages of creating a Greek traditional dish, from preparation to execution. When all the recipes are completed, there is a buffet where the participants try what they have prepared themselves.

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