6 reasons for a one-day cruise from Athens | One Day Cruise

6 reasons for a one-day cruise from Athens

For someone who is visiting Athens for the first time, the sights he can see as well as the activities are varied. If you are on holiday in Athens, you have probably already done your research and decided how to spend your time. But do not miss a day trip from Athens to the Greek islands. If you can not choose then the best option is a one-day cruise with One Day Cruise that will take you to 3 islands: Hydra, Poros and Aegina. Here are the 6 reasons for a one-day cruise from Athens!

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Recipes from Hydra | One Day Cruise

Recipes from Hydra

The island of Hydra excites all those who love the picturesque alleys, the recent history but also the good food. A visit to the island apart from moments of relaxation away from the bustling city (let's not forget that cars are forbidden!) Will travel you gastronomically as the local cuisine hides many surprises. Do not forget to try the famous stuffed squid and the traditional macaroons. We give you the recipes from Hydra so that you always have a part of the island with you. And why not prepare them for your loved ones!

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A different wedding party | One Day Cruise

A different wedding party

Marriage proposal: done!

Announcement to parents, friends and relatives: done!

Church closure: done!

Wedding dress, bouquet and suit: done!

But what will make this unique day for you equally special for your favorite guests? You want your wedding reception to be original. But at the same time be sure that everything is studied to the last detail so that nothing spoils your mood. Have you considered having a different wedding party on the One Day Cruise cruise ship?

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