Greek delicacies by the sea | One Day Cruise

Greek delicacies by the sea

Greek cuisine has many options and flavors. Greek delicacies are a feast of choices with no end! Immortal Greek flavors combined with sea, tables by the sea, sun and good company.

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on the cruise ship | One Day Cruise

How time passes on the cruise ship

It is true that a cruise is not pleasant for everyone. Some enjoy the hours they spend on a cruise ship. But some others look forward to arrive at a port!

Choosing a One Day Cruise's cruise is the only sure thing that you will not get bored for a minute.

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Fistiki Fest | One Day Cruise

Fistiki Fest

One of the most famous festivals in all of Greece is the Pistachio Festival or the Fistiki Fest that takes place every September in Aegina. The pistachio of Aegina is the most famous local, traditional product of the island. Of course it stands out for its excellent quality and taste. The Festival usually takes place in the middle of the month and lasts for three days.

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