Small screen cruises | One Day Cruise

Small screen cruises

Cruises have been a favorite theme of big and small screen scripts. From the "Ship of Love" to Greek television series, famous cruise ships hosted the protagonists and the adventures of the heroes on their decks.

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Cruises from Athens | One Day Cruise

Cruises from Athens

When it comes to summer vacations, there are many who choose a short, multi-day or even one-day cruise. If you live in Athens, the options are many, depending on the time you have and the money you want to spend. You can choose cruises from Athens to the Eastern Aegean, the islands of the Saronic Gulf and the Dalmatian Coast.

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Recipes from Aegina | One Day Cruise

Recipes from Aegina

The local cuisines of the countries or the different regions of a country always have something good and interesting to show no matter how famous they are. A typical example is Aegina. The local cuisine of the favorite island of Argosaronikos is based on its local product which is none other than the pistachio of Aegina. Below you will find three well-known recipes from Aegina slightly "teased", a salad, a main meal and a snack.

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