The Castle of Kavos in Hydra

A special place near the port of Hydra is occupied by the Castle of Kavos. This is an atmospheric spot, which you must go to see as many times as you visit the island. First of all it is the perfect place for perfect sunsets and artistic photos.

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Virtual tour of archeological sites | One Day Cruise

Virtual tour of archeological sites

There are so many museums around the world that it is impossible to visit them all. Fortunately, with the help of technology, there is now the possibility for a virtual tour of archeological sites and many important museums of the world.

If you search a little, you will find that thanks to the internet you have the opportunity to visit through your computer any time you want famous museums around the world.

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A few hours in Poros: What do you manage to see | One Day Cruise

A few hours in Poros: What do you manage to see

It is true that when you have a limited time to stay somewhere you have never been before you do not know what to do first. As far as Poros is concerned, although it is a small island in the Saronic Gulf, there is a lot to do and see whoever visits it for the first time. We have gathered some interesting options to choose or combine what suits you best ... for only a few hours in Poros!

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