Pets on trips: Which ones are allowed? On which public transport?

It is now very common to travel with your pet within Greece as well as abroad. There are quite a few accommodations that accept pets. This makes it even easier for those who don't have someone to look after their pet during the holidays to travel without problems. However, there are some rules that must be followed in order to avoid any problems during your trip.

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Great earthquakes in Argosaronic | One Day Cruise

Great earthquakes in Argosaronic

Seismic activity in Greece is quite large and the areas it includes do not leave out the Argosaronic islands. In some cases the earthquakes were so frequent that they had caused great concern to experts.

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Hydra: Sophia Loren as an honorary citizen | One Day Cruise

Hydra: Sophia Loren as an honorary citizen

Last summer, the municipality of Hydra decided to make the legendary actress Sophia Loren an honorary citizen of the island as a sign of gratitude for her great contribution to cinema and especially to the promotion of the island. It is known that the famous Italian woman was in Hydra in 1957 for the filming of the movie "The Child and the Dolphin" and had spent some time there.

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