Capri of Greece: Portes | One Day Cruise

Capri of Greece: Portes

Thanks to the diversity of its landscapes, in Greece one can find places reminiscent of different places from around the world. The same goes for Portes. This is a small pine-covered fishing village, isolated on the southeastern side of Aegina that many resemble the famous Capri. Hence the name "Capri of Greece".

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Glamping in the Saronic Gulf | One Day Cruise

Glamping in the Saronic Gulf

Glamping is a new travel trend and it is essentially the marriage of the classic campsite with staying in a luxury room. One wonders how one can camp and at the same time enjoy the comforts of a luxury hotel room. What unites glamping with camping is the scene. Only glamping includes luxury tents with regular hotel furniture.

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The pistachio and the pistachio of Aegina | One Day Cruise

The pistachio and the pistachio of Aegina

Pistachio is one of the tastiest and best quality nuts you can choose. Its nutritional value is great, it is rich in biotin, proteins and minerals. Peanuts are eaten roasted or whole after removing the shell, salted or unsalted.

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