Traditional Recipe: Hydra Almond Sweets

A traditional sweet treat from Hydra is almond sweets. You can find them everywhere on the island, but the locals particularly cherish them during official events such as weddings and baptisms. However, it's also a dessert you can easily make on your own. Unless you choose to purchase the authentic ones on-site by taking a one-day cruise with One Day Cruise!

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The Mansions of Hydra | One Day Cruise

The Mansions of Hydra

Famous for its maritime history and cosmopolitan life, Hydra has much to be proud of, and one of its treasures is its renowned mansions. These grand houses are a testament to the wealth of their owners, many of whom were prominent shipowners who played significant roles in Greece's illustrious history. There are approximately 30 mansions and 300 houses of captains that immediately capture one's attention upon setting foot on the island. A visit to Hydra with One Day Cruise provides an excellent opportunity to admire these mansions up close!

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