Visit to the islands of the Saronic Gulf "Smart and Economic" | One Day Cruise

Visit to the islands of the Saronic Gulf "Smart and Economic"

Holidays in Athens are a great experience, whether you stay in the city or visit nearby destinations. Even if you do not want to spend a lot during your vacation in Athens, you can do a one-day cruise to the islands of the Saronic Gulf. This type of island-hopping does not require a large budget. In addition, destinations such as Hydra, Poros and Aegina are ideal for all budgets. This is true thanks to their picturesque landscapes, architecture, historical and religious monuments. If you are wondering how you can visit all these low budget islands, the answer is below in One Day Cruise which can take you to all three islands in one day.

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Spring weekends in Athens | One Day Cruise

Spring weekends in Athens

Especially when it has been preceded by a heavy winter, we look forward to spring how and how. Wanting to take advantage of every spring weekend to our advantage, let's look at some ideas to make the most of our time, even if we stay in Athens. This is because it is a city with many points of interest that are worth knowing.

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Ideas for Sunday activities in Athens

Sunday is the ideal day to enjoy either with your family or with your friends some pleasant hours somewhere in Athens. The Greek capital has many places and places to explore. So because having a good time is in our DNA, find here original ideas to spend an unforgettable and relaxing Sunday.

Museum of Illusions - 119 Ermou, Monastiraki

This is a very original museum, different from what you have visited so far. The aim of this museum is not so much education, but entertainment. There you will experience a very different but interesting visual and physical experience, having fun through visual, interactive and photographic illusions.

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