Winter excursion in Poros | One Day Cruise

Winter excursion in Poros

Excursion to an island during the winter is not only not prohibitive, but can prove to be extremely exciting. We continue the tribute to the Argosaronic islands in winter for a winter excursion to Poros. A destination ideal for relaxing and changing performances during the difficult winter.

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Winter excursion to Hydra | One Day Cruise

Winter excursion to Hydra

Excursion to an island during the winter season is not prohibited. Three picturesque islands just a stone's throw from Athens are perfect for relaxing and changing shows in the middle of the winter season. Start your winter excursion in Hydra, which offers history lessons, hiking, walking, exploring, and even cool dips in the sea if you're a winter swimmer.

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2022 has come to an end! | One Day Cruise

2022 has come to an end!

2022 has come to an end and leaves us with the familiar bittersweet taste on our lips. Memories that we recall sometimes with nostalgia and sometimes with tears in our eyes. Because 365 days can never pass without leaving indelible marks on our soul and mind. For others this year may be marked by important personal or professional moments, while health and finances are what more or less everyone had to face with patience and optimism.

The anticipation of the new year gives the strength to recharge the batteries and new plans to spread before us. Dreams and goals that can come true... We just have to try!

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