2023: Holidays (Part B) | One Day Cruise

2023: Holidays (Part B)

In order to take advantage of the holidays that arise this year, let's see what options we have for May Day and the Holy Spirit holiday, warming up for our summer vacation!

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2023: holidays (Part A) | One Day Cruise

2023: holidays (Part A)

With the aim of making the most of our free time by making unforgettable trips, let's see the 2023 holidays, so that we can make the most of them by choosing beautiful destinations.

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The highlights of the Argosaronic islands | One Day Cruise

The highlights of the Argosaronic islands

Picturesque landscapes, spotless beaches, historical monuments, cosmopolitan atmosphere, religious interest along with fun, relaxation and good mood. The islands of Argosaronic, Aegina, Poros, Hydra, rightly attract our attention. Their close proximity to Athens makes them unbeatable as a choice for weekend getaways. Read here the highlights of the Argosaronic islands, i.e. the most beautiful things you will find on each of them.

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