Kountouriotis houses in Hydra | One Day Cruise

Kountouriotis houses in Hydra

Hydra is an island of large families with history and nautical tradition. The brothers Lazaros and George Kountouriotis, members of an old maritime family on the island, were distinguished in politics, shipping, the arts and commerce. They both played an important role in the Civil War of 1823-1825. Both Kountouriotis houses in Hydra are now open to the public.

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Ancient Olive Grove of Aegina | One Day Cruise

The Ancient Olive Grove of Aegina

Everyone knows the "classic" sights of Aegina. The impressive temple of Aphaia, the famous monastery of Agios Nektarios and the archaeological site of Kolona. If you are anxious travelers who enjoy exploring routes beyond the usual, we suggest Ancient Olive Grove of Aegina. A nature monument that hosts perennial vegetation and nonetheless the tourists still exclude it from the lists!

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