Nikos Kazantzakis in Aegina | One Day Cruise

Nikos Kazantzakis in Aegina

It is impressive to think how many big names have passed through such a small island as Aegina. One of them is the poet, journalist, politician but mainly writer Nikos Kazantzakis. He was one of the most important Greek writers of the 20th century and the most translated worldwide.

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Wildlife on the island of Moni | One Day Cruise

Wildlife on the island of Moni

The island of Moni is located just ten minutes by boat from the cape of Perdika in Aegina, on the north of the Saronic Gulf. There is also a connection with the port of the island. It is an uninhabited island, with great geophysical interest and rich fauna. It belongs to the Holy Monastery of Chrysoleontissa in Aegina. Moni is the ideal destination for nature lovers, for those who love hiking ... and those who wish to discover the wildlife on the island of Moni!

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Aegina - The ideal day trip from Athens | One Day Cruise

Aegina - The ideal day trip from Athens

It is a fact that everyone has missed a day trip due to travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. But if you are now making a list of the destinations you would like to visit, do not forget to include Aegina. Just an hour and a half from the port of Piraeus and less if you prefer the dolphin. Aegina is full of images that will be unforgettable. And that is why it is considered the ideal day trip from Athens.

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