If you are one of those who are somewhat hesitant about the idea of a cruise, here you will find the most common perceptions circulating, which are completely inaccurate. Read below and let the truth shine and take you on a journey with Athens One Day Cruise to the beloved islands of the Argosaronic Gulf: Hydra, Poros, and Aegina. If you have additional questions, check the frequently asked questions.

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Poros - An island worth visiting in Autumn months | One Day Cruise

Poros - An island worth visiting in Autumn months

Poros is an island that won't disappoint you, no matter the time of year you choose to visit. In fact, autumn suits Poros exceptionally well. So, if you're looking for a destination for an autumn getaway before winter arrives, you're on the right track. Don't forget that you also have the option to explore Poros through the One Day Cruise.

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Why choose One Day Cruise | One Day Cruise

Why choose One Day Cruise

Cruises represent a classic, tried-and-true way of vacationing for many people worldwide. Whether it's a multi-day, short-term, or even a day cruise, it can turn into an unforgettable experience because you spend most of your time at sea. Simultaneously, you have the opportunity to discover many new places. Whether you have traveled by cruise ship before or are planning to do it for the first time, be sure that you will do it again. Here, you will find all the reasons to choose the One Day Cruise and explore three islands of the Argosaronic Gulf in one day: Hydra, Poros, and Aegina.

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