If you are one of those who are somewhat hesitant about the idea of a cruise, here you will find the most common perceptions circulating, which are completely inaccurate. Read below and let the truth shine and take you on a journey with Athens One Day Cruise to the beloved islands of the Argosaronic Gulf: Hydra, Poros, and Aegina. If you have additional questions, check the frequently asked questions.

  1. Cruises are for older people:

    This was true once. However, especially concerning the one-day cruise of One Day Cruise, it is designed to satisfy all ages. The program is structured so that everyone can follow it.
  2. Cruises have too many passengers:

    This depends on the size and capacity of the ship. The One Day Cruise ship departs each time with the right number of passengers so that there are no risks or anyone left dissatisfied. The ship's spaces, both indoor and outdoor, are ample, so you will never feel cramped.
  3. Cruises are boring:

    With three islands in the program in one day, who has time to get bored? Even if you choose a different excursion (classic, panoramic, a trip for a swim in the Monastery), you won't be bored for a moment!
  4. There is an increased risk of seasickness:

    Seasickness can be addressed by being proactive. If you are susceptible, get the appropriate medication (usually dimenhydrinate) to have it with you if needed. However, if there are such adverse weather conditions that make the trip unsafe, your excursion will be rescheduled for another day.
  5. Cruises are only for deep pockets:

    Who said cruises are necessarily expensive? The one-day cruise of One Day Cruise not only offers a reasonable price for what it includes but also serves as a small substitute for a vacation!
  6. You have to socialize with strangers:

    This is not necessary if you have your own company. If you travel alone, it is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, exchange opinions, and perhaps make new friends that you will keep after returning to your base.

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