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Municipal Art Gallery in Aegina

On September 17, 2023, a long-standing dream came true in Aegina. The inauguration of the Aegina Municipal Art Gallery took place in the area of Agios Nikolaos, housed on the ground floor of the former historic building of OTE near the preserved Marcellus Tower.

The inauguration was attended by municipal officials, representatives of the Municipal Authority, members of associations and organizations, well-known figures from the art world, as well as a multitude of locals and visitors.

In the brief speeches delivered alongside the customary ribbon-cutting, emphasis was placed on the fact that the Municipal Enterprise of the Municipality of Aegina made superhuman efforts to prepare the space in just two months. It is an excellently and modestly renovated space that utilized minimal resources.

According to the mayor of the island, Giannis Zorbas, the Municipal Art Gallery is another significant step towards enhancing art and culture on the beloved island of Argosaronikos. The Gallery was described as a "jewel" by those in the field, urging people to enjoy it as much as possible.

A notable gesture came from the couple Vasilis and Magda Laiou Grigoriadi, who donated a painting by Giannis Michailidis with the hope that others would follow suit to enrich the Municipal Art Gallery with artworks. The president of the "Kostas Andreou Foundation," Nikos Valis, had done the same by donating the sculpture "The Mermaid," which also adorns the gallery.

The first thematic exhibition titled "Due to Light: The Trace of Aegina" lasted until October 29, and it is certain that more will follow. It included 50 works from approximately 35 artists, contributed by families and collectors, with themes highlighting colors, light, nature, the sea, ancient myths, temples, the uniqueness of Paleochora, memories of literary legends who lived on the island, the fig trees, and philosophical discussions under the light of the Aegina full moon. The ultimate goal is to introduce a permanent, representative collection of works by artists who lived and loved Aegina.


AEGINA MUNICIPAL ART GALLERY OTE Building 6 Palaias Choras, Aegina

Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM & 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

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