Christmas in Hydra

Can a cosmopolitan island internationally known and esteemed like Hydra, which attracts numerous tourists during the summer months, become the ultimate Christmas destination? The answer is "yes."

Christmas in Hydra means few but good things. Tranquility contrasts with the summer revelry, no cars, but certainly plenty of shine, contributed by the endless Christmas decorations that give the island a very special atmosphere.

Long before the arrival of Christmas, the Christmas tree is set up, along with the house of Santa Claus, the traditional little boat, angels, while lights illuminate the harbor and the Cathedral. All these elements create a spectacular decoration that leaves no one indifferent, both locals and visitors, young and old. The result? Even if you don't want to celebrate, you can't resist.

What to expect in Hydra during Christmas

During the days of Christmas and New Year, festive events take place, initiated by the municipality, such as children's theatrical and cinematic performances, and other activities.

On Christmas Eve, Hydra celebrates the Birth of Christ in an atmosphere of complete solemnity. There is no church that does not hold a service, with the Cathedral of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary being the highlight, where the Metropolitan of Spetses and Aegina leads the Christmas Divine Liturgy.

The arrival of the New Year

A few days later, the contemplative Christmas atmosphere gives way to a scene of absolute celebration with cannon shots from the castle of Kivo marking the change of the year, bell-ringing in all churches, and fireworks as part of the New Year's festivities.

On New Year's morning, a doxology is performed in the presence of the Mayor and the authorities of the island, followed by a reception at the historic town hall of Hydra. In the afternoon, Santa Claus arrives on the island to distribute gifts to his little friends.

It is a tradition in Hydra on New Year's Day for the doors of houses to remain open all day. The homeowner welcomes the first... uninvited guest, greets them, hangs the New Year's gift around their neck with a ribbon, and invites them to the New Year's meal.


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