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2023: holidays (Part A)

With the aim of making the most of our free time by making unforgettable trips, let's see the 2023 holidays, so that we can make the most of them by choosing beautiful destinations.


  • February 27: Clean Monday
  • March 25: Annunciation of the Virgin Mary (Saturday)
  • April 16: Easter (Sunday)
  • May 1: May Day (Monday)
  • June 5: Holy Spirit (Monday)
  • August 15: Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Tuesday)
  • October 28: No Day (Saturday)
  • December 25: Christmas (Monday)

Clean Monday in Pelion - Makrinitsa & Portaria

Daring an excursion in the heart of winter, the ideal destination for the 3 days of Clean Monday in the countryside is Pelion. After passing through the city of Volos, we ascend to the picturesque villages of Pelion that make up an earthly mosaic full of colors.

We start from Makrinitsa. The "village of villages", the "Balcony of Pelion" is so called because of the panoramic view that its location affords. Makrinitsa keeps its Pelion architecture unchanged. Dominant are the huge gray houses with thick stone walls and dark colored roofs that give a permanently wintry character to the village. We stroll through the central square where the Church of Agios Ioannis the Forerunner is located with the emblematic hollow plane tree next to it and we visit the Museum of Folk Art and History.

We continue with the beautiful Portaria. The houses with the red tiles seem to grow out of the imposing mountain. Overlooking the city of Volos and the Pagasitikos gulf, Portaria is close to the ski center and also close to the sea. Stone-paved cobblestone streets, shops with traditional items of folk art, stone-built fountains from which crystal waters flow, churches and small churches, wooden bridges, ravines and well-kept squares are the scenery that makes up the Portaria of central Pelion. Several trails start from Portaria to spend your time pleasantly until your return to the city.


Easter in Agistri

An ideal destination for celebrating Easter is Agistri. On the tiny island of Argosaronicos, which is opposite Aegina, we won't even need a car to get around. The journey from the port of Piraeus takes 55 minutes.

It is a green island with sandy beaches, ideal for relaxation. Most people gather at the port of Skala. However, Megalochori is also visible to the eye. It is the next settlement that we can go to either on foot or by bike, following the paved road or the promenade that looks like a pedestrian street! There is another port from where the flying dolphins depart. Both settlements have a church with a priest who works in both all the days of Holy Week, but also on Easter night. Ideal beaches for swimming are Skliri, Dragonera, Halikiada, but also the small beaches along Skala.

As for the exotic Aponissos, it is a private islet joined to Agistri by a bridge in the southwest of the island, full of pine trees and crystal turquoise waters. Usually on Easter days, Aponisos is not ready to receive visitors, with KTEL routes starting from the end of April onwards.

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