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2023: Holidays (Part B)

In order to take advantage of the holidays that arise this year, let's see what options we have for May Day and the Holy Spirit holiday, warming up for our summer vacation!

Labour Day in Porto Heli

180 kilometers southwest of Athens in the prefecture of Argolis is the coastal village of Porto Heli. Built next to the ruins of the old town of Alio, Porto Heli is among the most cosmopolitan places in the Peloponnese. We can reach by road within 2.5-3 hours from Athens. Alternatively, we can take the boat from Piraeus with intermediate stops in Hydra and Spetses. An ideal destination for a warm summer three-days and not only that, Porto Heli offers swimming in its transparent, crystal clear waters, walks in its beautiful, barren nature, but also boat and sailing trips, as well as intense nightlife.

We visit Agios Emilianos on the southernmost cape of the prefecture with the picturesque little church and a view of the island of Spetses. We make a stop in Kranidi, the small town with neoclassical buildings, stone barns with beautiful flowers and windmills with colorful roofs. We pass by the favorite destination of many names, Ermioni, for fresh fish. Finally, if we have time, we go for a walk in Hydra or Spetses which are very close to Porto Heli.

Full day cruise in Argosaronic with One Day Cruise for the 3 days of the Holy Spirit

Weather permitting, which means from Easter onwards, a very good idea is to book tickets with the One Day Cruise to visit in one day three favorite islands of the Argosaronicos, Hydra, Poros and Aegina. The program of the one-day cruise is structured in such a way that we spend enough useful time on all three islands. Sure, we won't get to go around the islands from end to end, but we'll definitely get a taste of what's going on in each of them.
Alternatively, we can choose another package, such as the classic excursion to Aegina, the panoramic excursion or the excursion for swimming in the islet of Moni. One Day Cruise's one-day cruises are the ideal solution when we want to get away, but don't have the ability to leave for several days.

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