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Vacations of May Day 2023 in the Argosaronic islands

May Day is just around the corner, falling on a Monday this year. This presents us with the opportunity to plan a three-day spring event that we wouldn't want to miss. The nearby islands of Argosaronicos, including Hydra, Poros, and Aegina, offer excellent options for experiencing the May Day celebrations.


Hydra is a perfect destination for the three days of May Day, offering rich maritime history, picturesque paths, and beautiful beaches. The most cosmopolitan island of the Argosaronicos, Hydra, boasts well-preserved mansions, stone-built alleys, and a sense of luxury. Cars are prohibited on the island, but walking and hiking are great ways to explore it. During our three-day stay, we can visit the Museum of Modern History, Historical Archive - Museum of Hydra, the chapel of the Prophet Ilias, the Monastery of Zourda, Mount Eros, and the Bastions to catch the perfect sunset. We will also have the opportunity to enjoy the island's wonderful beaches, including Spilia, Hydroneta, Mandraki, Vlychos, Bisti, and Agios Nikolaos. We shouldn't forget to make a May Day wreath with colorful flowers that we can find all over the island.


Poros is another great option for a three-day escape during May Day. With its rich vegetation, proximity to the port of Piraeus, charming beaches, picturesque villages, and several important attractions, Poros has everything we need for a relaxing getaway. The island is divided into two parts, the north and the south, connected by a strait. In the southern part lies Sfeiria, the island's center, characterized as a traditional settlement built amphitheatrically on the slope of a hill overlooking the sea. There are 69 preserved buildings on the island, including the villa "Galini" of Seferis, the Limanaki tis Agapi for our first quiet dives, the Clock Tower with its incredible view of the port, and the historically important Russian Naval Station. With cobblestone streets, small shops, well-kept balconies, and flowery corners, Poros offers a perfect setting for May Day celebrations.


Aegina is a popular choice for short and long getaways due to its close proximity to Athens, numerous attractions, strong historical and religious elements, natural scenery, and multiple entertainment options. During the three days of May Day, we can enjoy walks in the picturesque villages, visit archaeological sites like the Temple of Aphaia and Palaiochora, explore the Holy Temple of Agios Nektarios, hike in the Ancient Eleonas, and take an excursion by boat to the nearby island of Moni, which is a protected habitat for rare animals. In the evenings, we can take a stroll in Agia Marina or on the busy coastal street of the port, go shopping at local stores that sell traditional and other products, including the famous Aegina pistachio.

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