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3 days in Poros

The three days of the Holy Spirit is always a rehearsal for summer holidays, especially when Easter falls early and May Day does not form three days. Poros offers idyllic beaches on the Argosaronic sea, picturesque landscapes, special attractions with an interesting history worth discovering and multiple opportunities for relaxation. Poros can be reached by ferry very quickly by flying dolphin or conventional boat from the port of Piraeus. Alternatively, you can go by road to Galatas and cross by boat.

What to see in Poros

  1. The Russian Naval Station is a preserved monument of great historical and architectural interest to the west of the port. It dates back to 1834 and is located near Megalo Neorio, so you can visit it after swimming at this particular beach. The naval station was used to supply the Russian fleet in the Aegean when, with the Kiucchuk-Kainartzi treaty, the Russians were free to sail in the seas of the Ottoman territory.
  2. The Archaeological Museum of Poros was built in 1968 on a plot of land that belonged to and was donated by the family of Alexander Koryzis, Prime Minister of Greece in 1941. The ground floor and the first floor of the exhibition include exhibits from the areas of Troizinia and findings from old excavations in Ermioni.
  3. Bourtzi is an islet at the eastern entrance of the port of Poros near the coast of the Peloponnese. It was built in 1827 and was used by the occupying Germans and the Navy as an ammunition depot. Today it is uninhabited and you can reach it by swimming!
  4. The lighthouse at Dana location was built in 1870 at the entrance of the Poros bay by the French Company of Ottoman Lighthouses. It is a beautiful monument of the maritime history of our country. It has a height of 9 meters and a focal height of 32 meters. Since 1945 it had stopped working and the ravages of time had overtaken it. It has now been restored since the summer of 2011 at the initiative of the Aikaterinis Laskaridis Foundation. It is about 6 kilometers from the town of the island. The path leading to the lighthouse from the paved road is easy. From the lighthouse you can enjoy the endless view of the sea and the peninsula of Methana.
  5. Do not leave Poros without visiting the sanctuary of Poseidon near the ancient city of Kalaureia (the old name of Poros) at Palatia. It is built at an altitude of 190 meters. According to the current archaeological findings, the site was used for the first time in the Proto-Hellenic or Neolithic period.

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