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Hydra Honors Sophia Loren as an Honorary Citizen

Last summer, the municipality of Hydra made the iconic actress Sophia Loren an honorary citizen of the island in a gesture of deep gratitude for her significant contributions to cinema and, particularly, for her role in showcasing the island to the world. Sophia Loren, the renowned Italian actress, had visited Hydra in 1957 during the filming of the movie "The Child and the Dolphin" and had spent a considerable amount of time there.

During her stay, the then 23-year-old Loren fell in love with the island. Through her starring role as Phaedra in the film, she effectively introduced Hydra to a global audience. One unforgettable moment in the movie was her rendition of the song "What Is Called Love," delivered in somewhat broken Greek, adding a unique charm to the song and making it even more special.

According to the municipality, Sophia Loren played a pivotal role in driving the tourist growth of Hydra and Greece as a whole. She once told the New York Times that she considered the island one of the most beautiful places in the world, despite having traveled extensively. Hydra marked both Loren's American film debut and the beginning of her romance with her husband, Carlo Ponti, who visited her while she was on the island. All of these experiences deeply connected her to the magic of Hydra, as it was a period of her life when everything seemed perfect.

A Brief Glimpse into Sophia Loren's Life:

Sophia Loren was born on September 20, 1934, in Rome, under the name Sophia Villani Ciccone. The Italian actress swiftly made her mark in the film industry, overcoming post-war poverty in Naples with her family. She became a global sensation, renowned for her beauty and charisma. Her cinematic journey began in 1951 when she made her debut as an extra at the age of 17, playing one of the many slaves in the American production "Quo Vadis." With the support of her esteemed film producer and future husband, Carlo Ponti, Sophia Loren gradually evolved into the iconic figure we admire today. Her illustrious career started with a series of low-budget comedies, but she truly captured the world's attention with her role in "Aida" (1953). Among her numerous accolades are two Oscars, five Golden Globes, a Grammy, and a BAFTA, solidifying her status as a cinematic legend.