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Poets' Poros

There are many great Greek writers and poets who have glorified the natural beauties of Poros through their works. Yiannis Ritsos, Giorgos Seferis, Miltos Sachtouris, Kostis Palamas, poets who loved the island more than their own place, never stopped expressing their admiration. Descriptions of landscapes, legendary snapshots, vivid images of a Poros that unfolds through philological glances. Poets' Poros is glorified through their works!

Giorgos Seferis in Poros | One Day Cruise

The life of Giorgos Seferis in Poros

There are not a few people of letters and arts who at some point in their lives retired or chose a place with which they were not necessarily connected by family ties in order to draw strength and inspiration. One of them is Giorgos Seferis. In Poros, the famous poet found the ideal sanctuary after the horrors of the World War and the Civil War. The "Galini" villa was his refuge, which he shared with his great love, Maro. As for Poros, the poet highlighted his greatness through his works.