• Hydra island has more than 300 churches and 5 monasteries.
  • Hydra’s Maritime Academy is the oldest Maritime Academy in the eastern Mediterranean, as it is open since the revolution of 1821.
  • Hydra has inspired many artists such as Picasso and Sagale, as well as it is the home of many artists like P.Tetsis, N.Gkikas, L.Cohen etc.
  • Many movies have been filmed on the island like Sophia Loren’s hit movie “Boy on a Dolphin” and Melina Merkouri’s “Phaedra”.
  • Five Prime Ministers in Greece’s history were Hydra natives: G.Kountouriotis, A.Kriezis, D.Voulgaris, A.Miaoulis and P.Voulgaris.
  • The biggest star in the sky is named Hydra and was noted in the ancient years by Ptolemeus.


Hydra, one of the most exclusive and romantic islands in the Saronic Gulf. A true pearl unique by its scenery. Hydra is a "car-free" island meaning that no vehicles are allowed, the only means of transportation are the cute island donkeys.

Many poets, musicians, actors and celebrities have been inspired by Hydra in the past, by its impressive well preserved stone architecture, rural paths, and deep crystal clear waters.

Sea, sun & fun
three greek islands in just one day

The port of Hydra, whose amphitheater shape once served as a safe shelter for Pirates, leaves you with an impression of romance and joy. From the decks, you will be able to admire the very special architecture and dramatic landscapes of Hydra town, whose old traditional stone houses and mansions silently witness to a long and turbulent history.

As soon as you disembark, it’s all there... the small narrow stone-paved streets waiting to be explored... a short walk along the old seaside promenade... crystal clear waters, radiant traditional fine craft shops and museums are few of the island beauties. Allow Hydra to seduce you!

Panoramic view
The island of artists
Our boat at the port
Hydra's mythical port
A piece of magic
donkey ride!!
Hydra's transportation
View from the mountain
Take home some memories
Another point of view
Enjoy Hydra
God's view
Greek seaman's house