Ideal destinations for one-day and two-day getaways near Athens (Part B)

Circumstances do not allow us to go far. But now more than ever we need short getaways near Athens. Read the 2nd part of our proposals.


If you choose Spetses for a short getaway, it is better to spend two days. This is because the island is not very close, but not too far from Athens. It is two hours from Piraeus by flying dolphin.

The cosmopolitan air is pervasive everywhere. A visit to the mansion of Bouboulina, which functions as a museum, is a must if you go any season except the winter, which is closed. But also make a stop at the Museum of Spetses near Clock Square. Continue discovering the alleys of the city of Spetses. It is a good idea to tour the island by bike as cars are not allowed. Experience a carriage ride and stroll to the old port, where the cosmopolitan side of the island is revealed.


You can easily go to Aegina and return the same day. The favorite island of the Saronic Gulf is 75 minutes away from Piraeus by conventional ferry. Aegina has wonderful beaches, but also has a rich cultural and religious interest. Do not forget to go to the Temple of Aphaia Athena, the archeological site of Kolona, ​​the Monastery of Agios Nektarios and the Archaeological Museum. Take a walk in the capital of the island and the shops with the traditional items with the dominant product the peanut of Aegina.

If you have time make a pass through Perdika, the picturesque port for a swim and fresh fish then. Finally, wander the hill of Paleochora, the medieval capital of the island with the 33 small churches that survive to this day. For a nice swim, the beach of Agia Marina is recommended, which is 15 km away from the port and has been awarded a Blue Flag.


The historic city of southern Evia is an ideal choice for a full weekend for getaways near Athens ... but also far from it! It may be 130 km from Chalkida, but its beauty will compensate you. Karystos is ideal for swimming, as it has beaches that are bathed by the Aegean. The beach of the city is 1.5 km long.

In Karystos you will not get bored for a minute. Within two days you manage to see its sights and beautiful squares, its imposing City Hall, Agios Nikolaos which is also the metropolis of Karystos and its archeological museum. Be sure to check out Bourtzi, the 13th-century Venetian Tower that dominates the harbor. Shop for local produce and handmade pasta and stroll to the picturesque harbor by boat. Finally, if you have time, visit the two nearby monasteries, that of Taxiarches in the village of Kalivia and that of Agios Georgios in Metochi.

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