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Roadtrip or island-hopping?

There are now countless ways you can travel. Apart from the classics (ship, train, plane) that lead you to a destination, there are other alternatives to have an equally wonderful time. For example, you can try a roadtrip adventure or island-hopping experience from island to island.

The roadtrip

  • A basic condition of the roadtrip is the appropriate, "tested" company. One or better more drivers who love long hours of driving to take turns and a relatively comfortable car that will have done the necessary service.
  • There is not always a final destination on a roadtrip. There are several
    destinations, which you will discover little by little.
  • Before you start, it is necessary to check the weather, so you know what you will encounter on your routes.
  • The purpose of the roadtrip is not to drive on highways. To get to know a place you will need to get out of your "safety zone". This means that you will even drive on dirt roads and rugged country roads.
  • You may save tickets, but you will have the cost of petrol and tolls. Of course, you will also include the cost of overnight stays. You will start by filling the tank so that you do not stay on the road. You will then fill it up where you find a gas station, as the next one may be miles away.
  • Preparing a roadtrip can look like camping. You will you need to have things with you just in case. The car set emergency will be the first thing you put in the trunk along with the spare.
  • Take a regular map with you. Do not count on GPS or your mobile phone as they may run out of battery.
  • The good thing about roadtrip is that you do not depend on anyone. You start and stop whenever you want and for as long as you want. You have no ship or plane to catch. If you like a place, stay, if not leave. Everything flows at your own pace.

The island-hopping

  • It is associated with summer which means summer vacation!
  • Island-hopping means "jumping" from one island to another.
  • In just a few days you can see or even get a taste of many nearby islands. It may even be two in number. For your own convenience, group the islands you will see. It depends on the days you have at your disposal. You can choose for example Cyclades, Sporades, Ionian islands, Saronic islands, islands of the northern Aegean. Again, you may not be able to visit them all and divide them into even smaller groups.
  • For organized island-hopping, it is good to have planned your trip from the beginning to the end. This means that you should have booked ferries and overnight destinations to your destinations in advance. This is because if you travel in high season, you will definitely face a problem or at least you will suffer.
  • If you do not have many days at your disposal, even if you only have one, the one-day cruise of One Day Cruise can provide the solution. In just one day you will visit Hydra, Poros and Aegina. The islands of the Saronic Gulf, so close to Athens, are the best you can choose for a quick break from everyday life, like a regular vacation!

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