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3 Greek islands for holidays without a car

Due to increased obligations you may have spent the whole summer in Athens. September leave finds you tired. You want to be isolated from everyone and everything and relax away from the bustling city. Ideally, you want to find a place where time stops. We suggest you 3 Greek islands for holidays without a car.

6 reasons for a one-day cruise from Athens | One Day Cruise

6 reasons for a one-day cruise from Athens

For someone who is visiting Athens for the first time, the sights he can see as well as the activities are varied. If you are on holiday in Athens, you have probably already done your research and decided how to spend your time. But do not miss a day trip from Athens to the Greek islands. If you can not choose then the best option is a one-day cruise with One Day Cruise that will take you to 3 islands: Hydra, Poros and Aegina. Here are the 6 reasons for a one-day cruise from Athens!

Aegina is an ideal destination for families | One Day Cruise

Aegina: A Family-Friendly Greek Island Retreat

Aegina, nestled in the picturesque Saronic Gulf and just a short ferry ride away from Athens, offers a harmonious fusion of history, natural splendor, and a laid-back ambiance, making it an idyllic haven for families.

Hydra for everyone | One Day Cruise

Hydra for everyone

Hydra is considered an ideal destination for all ages and for all tastes. You can go with your partner, children or with your friends, as it is suitable for holidays at any time of the year and that is why it receives thousands of tourists every year. Conclusion; Hydra for everyone!

Hydra or Poros | One Day Cruise

Hydra or Poros? The dilemmas of the Argosaronic (Part B)

When we only have a few days at our disposal either for a vacation or a short break and want to change shows, everyone's thoughts turn to a nearby destination. The Argosaronic islands are ideal options for such a thing. For example, Hydra or Poros? What would you choose?

Island hopping: Cyclades or Argosaronic Gulf | One Day Cruise

Island hopping: Cyclades or Argosaronic Gulf?

You may not know exactly what island hopping is. It is a term that we find more and more often in tourist sites. It is a series of shorter trips with temporary stops from one island to another as part of the holidays, unlike a simple trip with a final destination of only one place. Island hopping offers variety, fast image switching and at the end a huge package of memories from your nearby excursions or your regular vacation.

Roadtrip or island-hopping? | One Day Cruise

Roadtrip or island-hopping?

There are now countless ways you can travel. Apart from the classics (ship, train, plane) that lead you to a destination, there are other alternatives to have an equally wonderful time. For example, you can try a roadtrip adventure or island-hopping experience from island to island.

The best places with a view of the sea | One Day Cruise

The best places with a view of the sea

Vacations are necessary but not always possible for everyone. Whether you stayed in Athens this summer due to obligations, or you were in a nearby destination, you can imagine the vacation of your dreams. Always with a view of the sea!