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3 Greek islands for holidays without a car

Due to increased obligations you may have spent the whole summer in Athens. September leave finds you tired. You want to be isolated from everyone and everything and relax away from the bustling city. Ideally, you want to find a place where time stops. We suggest you 3 Greek islands for holidays without a car.


The favorite Cycladic island has become a popular summer destination and there are many reasons to visit it. Antiparos is considered a relaxed island, but without being deprived of nightlife. The distances are close and you can easily move by to most of its beaches. It is located opposite Paros, from which you will pass by boat.

The town of the island is located just opposite Pounta of Paros, in the northwest. You can stay in the center or in the campsite of the island and from there move to the beaches. Psaralyki, Faneromeni, Fanari, Agios Spyridonas, Soros, Agios Sostis, Agios Georgios are some of the names you should remember. In fact, Sifneiko is only 500 meters from Chora and is famous for its sunset. Some beaches are organized and some are not, but most are accessible by bus. Do not forget to take a tour of the island by boat to see the Venetian Castle and the Cave of Agios Ioannis.


In the last decade, Koufonisia has entered the top 10 of the Cycladic summer destinations. The good thing about Koufonisia is that you do not need to have a car or a motorcycle because everything is literally next to you. Boats and buses take you to its enchanting beaches.

Pano Koufonisi is the main island, which has permanent residents and accommodation. It is difficult to find a beach without turquoise waters. Visit Ammos which is the closest to the village of the island, Chondros Kavos, Harokopou, Fanos, Italida and Pori, where when you are, do not miss to see the cave of Xylombatis, the Pool and the "Eye of Devil ".

Kato Koufonisi is the definition of relaxation. The island is tiny, uninhabited and you can do nudism. You will go by boat from Pano Koufonisi.


The advantage of Hydra is that it is located in the Saronic Gulf, a short distance from Athens and is a destination where no one uses a car. The cosmopolitan Hydra will reward you with its beauty and nobility. Transportation to the island is done by donkeys, carts and sea taxis. The town of the island is spread on two rocky hills. You will wander in its picturesque alleys and you will swim in Spilia, Hydroneta, Mandraki, Agios Nikolaos, Vlychos.

For sportsmen, hiking and climbing to the island's tallest churches can keep them busy all day. The island is rocky anyway, so ascents and descents will be in the daily schedule. Do not forget to see the sights of Hydra. Hydra has a rich naval tradition, many museums and a lot of mansions of legendary fighters of Greek History.

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