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5 reasons to visit Hydra

Cosmopolitan, charming, distinguished, and above all, enduring – Hydra, nestled in the heart of the Argosaronic Sea, is a destination known for countless reasons. Discover the most compelling ones and make sure to pay a visit this summer!

1. It is the "island of artists"

Hydra boasts a staggering list of artists who have sought inspiration on its shores, including luminaries like Pablo Picasso. Today, the island continues to foster artistic creativity with its art galleries, exhibitions, and cultural festivals that infuse life into its streets throughout the year. The DESTE Foundation in the Sfageia area, nestled beyond the historic cannons, annually hosts a contemporary art exhibition, conceived by one or more artists. Moreover, Hydra proudly hosts a branch of the School of Fine Arts, housed in the majestic Tombazi mansion to the west of the port.

2. It has a rich maritime history and tradition

Hydra played a pivotal role alongside Spetses and Psara during the Revolutionary Struggle of 1821, boasting a formidable naval presence with 186 ships. Eminent captains, shipowners, and statesmen hailed from the island. To this day, Hydra is home to the Academy of Merchant Mariners, the oldest of its kind in the eastern Mediterranean. Consequently, numerous events and celebrations are held annually on the island, paying homage to the heroes of the Liberation Struggle, such as the renowned Miaoulia and Kountouriotia festivals.

3. There are no cars

In Hydra, automobiles are strictly prohibited. Transportation on the island relies on water taxis, donkeys, or the good old-fashioned method of walking. This alone creates a sense of tranquility and instantly places visitors in a vacation state of mind!

4. It has an incredibly beautiful country

Hydra's countryside is nothing short of breathtaking. It has been designated a conservation area, which is why motor vehicles are off-limits. Stone mansions elegantly perch between two hills, cascading in an amphitheater-like fashion, capturing the admiration of all who behold them. Meandering through quaint alleyways leads to beautifully restored mansions and captivating museums.

5. It has wonderful beaches and fishing villages

The allure of the sea beckons visitors the moment they set foot on Hydra. Spilia, Hydronetta, and Avlaki, all mere minutes from the port, offer pristine spots for swimming. Beyond the town, you'll discover charming villages and fishing hamlets, such as Kaminia, reachable by following the scenic coastal road to the east. Here, fish taverns line the shores. Continuing along the same path, you'll arrive at Vlychos, a flawless beach with gray pebbles, dotted with houses that exude the architectural charm of the 19th century.

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