One of the defining features of Hydra is the complete absence of motor vehicles throughout the island. In this cosmopolitan gem of the Argosaronic Gulf, everyone gets around on foot, by bicycle, donkeys, or sea taxis.

This might seem daunting to someone who has never visited the island and plans to do so, as they may anticipate challenges in getting around. However, the benefits one can reap by choosing alternative means of transportation are invaluable.

Let's explore the unique advantages enjoyed by permanent residents of Hydra and its visitors in a car-free environment.

  • Reduced Traffic Everywhere

The traffic congestion observed, especially during the summer months, even on the roads of smaller islands, has become a reality in recent years. A plethora of people, numerous privately-owned or rented cars, tourist buses, regular buses, scooters, and donkeys are enough to transform a beautiful, serene place into a bustling miniature urban city. Hydra is free from all of this. Distances are short, alternative means of transportation are available, and it's no coincidence that after so many years, everything still operates smoothly even without vehicles.

  • Clean Air and Environment

The exhaust emissions from cars contribute to the accumulation of pollutants and atmospheric pollution. The complete absence of motor vehicles significantly reduces atmospheric pollution rates. This ensures that Hydra maintains a pristine atmosphere throughout the year, free from harmful gases. The sea breeze from the Argosaronic Gulf naturally contributes to this. Hydra is one of the locations with the smallest environmental footprint while simultaneously combating climate change. Staying in such a place elevates not only the quality of life for the locals but also for those who visit.

  • Saving Money

Consider how much your vacation costs increase when you decide to bring your car. Especially if you need it for your travels and are forced to pay for the ferry ticket, which often costs more than an individual ticket. If you also factor in the expenses for gasoline, your budget skyrockets. Enjoy your vacation or your two-day stay in Hydra without a car, and you will be amazed at the money you save. A good idea is to travel to the beautiful island with the One Day Cruise, solving the transportation issue at the same time!

  • Long-Term Health Improvement

Vacations without a car are an excellent opportunity to improve your physical condition. Using alternative means of transportation, even if it means walking everywhere, automatically means more walking. Enjoy a wonderful bike ride through the island's alleys and the port, discover Hydra's hiking trails. This way, you'll burn more calories during your day, and you won't have to give up exercise on your vacation if you're already a fitness enthusiast.

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