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Aegina: The island of "artists" | One Day Cruise

Aegina: The island of "artists"

Regarding Aegina and its relationship with the artistic life of Greece, one can discover many interesting stories.

Jeff Koons APOLLO | One Day Cruise

DESTE: Jeff Koons – APOLLO

A unique exhibition awaits art lovers who will visit Hydra until October 31, 2022. It is the solo exhibition entitled Apollo by the internationally renowned American artist Jeff Koons. The exhibition, which is inspired by the god Apollo, is hosted in the Project Space of the DESTE Foundation at the site of the old Slaughterhouse in Hydra.

Giorgos Xenoulis – The Sculptor of the Argosaronic Islands | One Day Cruise

Giorgos Xenoulis – The Sculptor of the Argosaronic Islands

One of the leading artists of our country is Giorgos Xenoulis. Born in Athens in 1944, he left at a young age for Africa to return in 1990. In the "black continent" he lived and worked for 22 years, while he drew his first inspiration for sculpture from the art of the natives of Central Africa.

Giorgos Seferis in Poros | One Day Cruise

The life of Giorgos Seferis in Poros

There are not a few people of letters and arts who at some point in their lives retired or chose a place with which they were not necessarily connected by family ties in order to draw strength and inspiration. One of them is Giorgos Seferis. In Poros, the famous poet found the ideal sanctuary after the horrors of the World War and the Civil War. The "Galini" villa was his refuge, which he shared with his great love, Maro. As for Poros, the poet highlighted his greatness through his works.

Jeff Koons APOLLO | One Day Cruise

ΔΕΣΤΕ… τώρα Jeff Koons – APOLLO

Μια μοναδική έκθεση περιμένει τους φίλους της τέχνης που θα επισκεφθούν την Ύδρα μέχρι τις 31 Οκτωβρίου 2022. Πρόκειται για την ατομική έκθεση με τίτλο Apollo του διεθνούς φήμης Αμερικανού καλλιτέχνη Jeff Koons. Η έκθεση που είναι εμπνευσμένη από τον θεό Απόλλωνα, φιλοξενείται στο Project Space του Ιδρύματος ΔΕΣΤΕ στο χώρο του παλιού Σφαγείου στην Ύδρα.