Activities for culture lovers

Activities for culture lovers

Each one of Saronic islands is also a culture of culture open to every visitor. Below you can explore the choices you have in activities as a culture enthusiast.


The cinema island of the '60s maintains its own cinema club, with the Gardena Cinema being the number one destination for everyday cinema. In Hydra, you will also find the very beautiful Donkeycat, an art shop and art gallery at the same time, for shopping and entertainment, and definitely worths a visit to the Tetsis House. The Tetsis House is open to anyone who asks for it, in collaboration with the staff of the Historical House Lazaros Kountourioti, the annex of the National Historical Museum in Hydra, which has been a museum since 2001. It is noted that the works of the late Tetsis, all of Hydra, are also presented on the floor of the Historic House Lazaros Kountourioti.

The operation of Tetsis's House & Atelier, which is located a short distance from Lazaros Kountourioti's Historic House, creates a small cultural core in a relatively backcountry neighborhood of the city of Hydra, with remarkable buildings that light various and diverse aspects of the unique local tradition and history. It is a pole of attraction for the lovers of culture. The visit is also associated with the acquaintance of the neighboring historical temple of Ypapanti, where the Koundouriotides are buried. There was Tetsis' parish of the island.


The CITRONNE Gallery opens this year in Poros with two parallel solo exhibitions by Yannis Psychopedis, with a common thematic "Tracks in Time". Giannis Psychopedis calls these two exhibitions as visual calendars, a frequent recording, in which a personal narrative unfolds, with references to collective memory.

The first exhibition of Yannis Psychopedis is presented at the Archaeological Museum of Poros (I), as part of the events of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture on the International Museum Day. The exhibition at the Museum is co-organized of the CITRONNE Gallery with the Epirus of Antiquities of Piraeus and Islands. The second exhibition is presented at the Gallery (II).

At the same time, the exhibition "Lemonadosos - Calendars of a Summer", a section of 67 new works, where the artist develops a whole system of symbols, is presented at the gallery (II). The works of this section are individual parts of a modular work, a visual calendar. The title of the report refers to Kosmas Politis' homonymous book. (Opening: Saturday 8 June, 8.30 pm Exhibition duration: 8 June - 24 July 2019.).


The Kapopoulos Fine Arts gallery in Spetses is another great activity for culture lovers and it was inaugurated in 2015. The aim of the gallery is to recognize again established Greek artists, discover new creators with strong identity, and develop a daily and meaningful dialogue with the art. The DESTE Foundation plays an important role in the artistic activities of the island and presents a new exhibition every year, focusing on modern art. Selected exhibitions of acknowleged but also new Greek artists are hosted each year at the Art Gallery of the Acropropos, which is housed in a beautiful Mansion of Spetses.


Aegina is an island with significant history and artistic aura and this is evidenced both from the Archaeological and Folklore Museum and by the organized events . Apart from the Museums, culture lovers will always find something of interest in the art of Aegina.

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