The top beaches of the Saronic Gulf

The top beaches of the Saronic Gulf

Beaches for every mood, with beautiful waters and scenic peaks inextricably linked to the Greek summer. We recommend the best beaches you can visit on a tour of the Saronic Gulf for relaxing and fun at the same time!

Moni for peace and tranquility

If you are in Aegina, it is worth swimming in the waters of the monastery, an island opposite Perdika. Moni is rich in vegetation and is not inhabited by humans except for deer, small horses, goats, peacocks, pheasants and squirrels. The beaches of the island are spotless. On one side the waters are deep and suitable for underwater fishing, while on the other side of the island there is a wonderfully organized sandy beach with light blue waters.

Marathon beach for family dives

4 km from the port of Aegina is located Marathon, where there are two organized beaches with plenty of eucalyptus, reeds and shrubs. On the first sandy beach, there are many shops offering food, coffee or a drink. The second beach is also sandy, suitable for toys and rackets, with umbrellas, sunbeds and a wooden canteen in the middle of the beach. Source

Aponissos for crystal clear waters

Aponissos is located on the southwestern side of Agistri, forgotten by time, preserving its natural beauty, as it was hundreds of years ago. The pines end up on small flat rocks and thus reach the crystalline blue waters of the sea. Access to Aponisos is easy and asphalted.

Draonera for graphic beauty 

The route is magnificent and it perfectly blends the green of the pine with the deep blue of the sea. Around the middle of this route, with a bypass, the road leads to the picturesque, sandy beach of Dragona, consisting of the Little and the Great Dragona. A pebbly beach with sunbeds, umbrellas and water sports, crystal clear, shallow waters and pines reaching the sea. Access to the Small and Large Dragons is easy and is also asphalted. Source

Agios Nikolas for all-weather swimming

The bay of Agios Nikolaos in Spetses is perfectly protected from all times. There you will find an organized beach with fine pebbles and crystal clear waters.

Agia Paraskevi for relaxation under the pine trees

The lush pine beach of Agia Paraskevi is considered by many to be the most beautiful of Spetses, thanks to its crystal clear waters and coarse pebbles. It is reachable by bus and by boats that take day trips. Source

Askeli beach for socializing

Askeli in Poros opens to the sea and reaches the top of the hill. It was built amphitheatrically to that hill. There you will combine dives and views from above.

ΚΑPE for close escape in turquoise waters

The not-so-secret beach of Sounio is reminiscent of an island escape thanks to its turquoise waters and the wild beauty of the surrounding landscape. Start early in the morning to catch up with your umbrella.

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