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Fistiki Fest

One of the most famous festivals in all of Greece is the Pistachio Festival or the Fistiki Fest that takes place every September in Aegina. The pistachio of Aegina is the most famous local, traditional product of the island. Of course it stands out for its excellent quality and taste. The Festival usually takes place in the middle of the month and lasts for three days.

The Pistachio Festival is a great cultural event. That is why locals and visitors to the island look forward to it every year. The festival is set up feverishly by the inhabitants of the island themselves. It does not have a purely commercial purpose, but it combines with this culture and entertainment. It is a celebration that has created its own tradition over time and is warmly embraced by all its visitors.


Along the pier in the port of Aegina, the exhibitors set up their products, which are all derivatives of the Aegean peanut. Plain peanuts, fresh, dried, salted or unsalted, pastries, pastries, cookies, ice cream, liqueurs and everything else imaginable. Everything has as its raw material the peanut, with its taste dominating.

The exhibition also presents other local products of the island. Usually agricultural and ceramic products, embroidery and jewelry, all made by hand. The festival does not lack events of any kind. Concerts, painting exhibitions, many parallel events, but also events especially for children. However, the action does not stop at the port, as Fistiki Fest spreads throughout the island. Visitors are informed about the peanut, they try unprecedented flavors and those who want, can take part in the special workshops for the production of their favorite fruit.


The pistachio festival started in 2008 and took the form of a day with the humorous title "Hold on poor peanut". It was organized by the permanent residents of the island.

This year, the Festival was scheduled to take place from September 17 to 20, for the 12th consecutive year. However, due to the emergency measures for the protection against the coronavirus, it did not take place, like all the similar events planned.

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