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Greek delicacies by the sea

Greek cuisine has many options and flavors. Greek delicacies are a feast of choices with no end! Immortal Greek flavors combined with sea, tables by the sea, sun and good company.


A dish of squid is hardly missing from the summer meals of Greek and foreign tourists. Crispy fried squid is one of the most popular flavors. It is an excellent meze that no one can resist to. They combine with everything, but their best companion is a carafe of ouzo by the sea.


Another dish of Greek summer cuisine that can be cooked in various ways. Vinegar, wine, grilled, with chopped pasta, and a bunch of other versions. Wherever it is found, the octopus, thanks to its special taste, is not missing from any table.


Whatever wine is for the French, tea for the English and vodka for the Russians is ouzo for the Greeks! Iced or in a glass with 1-2 ice cubes, ouzo is the right accompaniment to the lunch meze under the hot sun. Ouzo can be found everywhere in Greece, as its production includes a wide variety with exports to many countries around the world.


The famous pistachio of Aegina, apart from being a product with a Protected Designation of Origin, is also a wonderful superfood. Its cultivation began in the late 1940s in Aegina. The peculiarity of the climate and the soil of Aegina give the fruit a unique aroma and taste. Pistachio is so popular on the island that every September the long-awaited Fistiki Fest takes place with a rich program and events. If you do not like raw as an accompaniment to your drink, you can enjoy it in original, modern recipes and sweets or as a liqueur and dessert.

Best of all, however, by choosing a One Day Cruise cruise you will have the opportunity to try the most popular Greek delicacies at sea. You can also make a stop in the homeland of the pistachio, in order to get your supplies.

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