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Islands of the Saronic Gulf in winter

We may not be used to choose an island for our winter getaways. But the islands in the winter months have a different, wilder beauty. The same happens of course with the islands of the Saronic Gulf in winter.

This is well known to their permanent residents, those who keep holiday homes in them but also the few visitors who choose to visit them.

As for the islands of the Saronic Gulf, the truth is that winter is the best time to really discover them, seeing the true magic behind the hustle and bustle of summer.


A weekend in January is the perfect time to see Hydra with a different eye. Hazy colors, wild sea, few inhabitants who as time goes by retire to their homes. But you should not be discouraged. It is your opportunity to walk in its alleys, enter a traditional cafe and socialize with the locals. Additionally to taste dishes of Greek cuisine in one of the few open taverns.

Wheeled vehicles are still not available on the island in winter. Therefore the peace you will enjoy will be unprecedented. Take a walk on the donkeys, admire the famous mansions of the fighters of 1821 and visit a museum if it is open.


Wilderness and naked nature are the images you expect to see in winter Poros. The city of the island is built amphitheatrically on two hills and you will see this clearly approaching the port. The winter months are a great opportunity to wander the narrow alleys without any people and admire the manicured houses of the locals.

You can choose the route that leads to the Monastery of Zoodochou Pigi. Alternatively choose one of the countless trails so that discovering nature you can do your hiking. Do not forget to climb the Clock Tower to see the whole island from above.

You can turn Poros in the winter in one day. So if you have time left, it is worth going to Galatas to visit the famous Lemon Forest. It may not have the colors of spring, but the walk will surely fascinate you.


Aegina is an island so close to Piraeus that you can visit it even every winter weekend. Precisely because they are so close, itineraries of ships and dolphins are frequent. It is not as deserted in the heart of winter as the other islands of the Saronic Gulf. This means you have options for your coffee, food and shopping from traditional grocery stores.

Aegina also lives in winter. You can go around the island undisturbed by the many cars by bike. Another good idea once you get there is to catch up with the locals so they can tell you exactly what to do. Keep in mind that they will tell you about the countless monuments and paths of their island. Among them, the Temple of Aphaia Athena, the archeological site of Kolona, ​​Paleochora and the Monastery of Agia Aikaterini, which deserve your time and attention.

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