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October 28th in the Argosaronic islands

If you didn't visit the Argosaronic islands during the summer, the otherwise... indifferent October could not have reserved a better finale than the first official holiday of the autumn season. This year October 28th falls on a Friday and that means a whole three days ideal for a wonderful getaway. When the weather is also an ally, what could be better than an excursion to an island without many people? In an autumn setting and especially near Athens?


Starting from Aegina, you can visit the Temple of Aphaia Athena, tour the archaeological site of Paleochora and pass by the Holy Temple of Agios Nektarios. The picturesque paths and alleys of the capital of the island are waiting for you to discover them.

If you arrive early in the morning, you will catch the student parade on the beach of Aegina. Don't miss going for fresh fish in the picturesque cobbled fishing village of Perdika.

Having three days at your disposal, you can dedicate one to a visit to the islet of Moni. It has many boat routes until the end of October from early morning until sunset. Finally, if the weather is good, take a dip in the sandy beach of Agia Marina with its shallow waters.


Cosmopolitan Hydra is a guaranteed destination for all seasons of the year. Choose it for the three days of October 28 and you won't miss out. Three days on the island with its rich maritime history, mansions with imposing architecture and artistic spirit are never enough.

Take the Friday morning ferry from Piraeus and you'll be on the island in two hours at most. Stay in the spirit of the day and watch the parade which, like every event in Hydra, is celebrated with special prices. The celebrations begin with church bells and divine service, flag raising and cannon firing. This is followed by a doxology at the Holy Cathedral of the Dormition of the Virgin, a memorial service and laying of wreaths at the Hero of the Fallen by the mayor and other officials. Before the parade of the students of the Merchant Navy Academy, there is a series of poems by students of the schools. Traditional dances take over after the end of the parade, while the festivities end with a reception in the Municipal Council Chamber.


The colors of the "drowned" in the pine trees of Poros are incomparable at this time. If you choose it, you will find many alternatives on how to spend your time. Climb the Clock Tower, visit the Russian Naval Station and the Harbor of Love, the Small and Great Neorio for a swim or just a walk in the sea. "Fly" to Lemon Forest or wander around the picturesque town with mansions on the sea.

The celebrations on 28 October usually start with a Doxology at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint George, followed by a memorial service, wreath-laying and finally a student parade in the decorated Heroes' Square.

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