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The highlights of the Argosaronic islands

Picturesque landscapes, spotless beaches, historical monuments, cosmopolitan atmosphere, religious interest along with fun, relaxation and good mood. The islands of Argosaronic, Aegina, Poros, Hydra, rightly attract our attention. Their close proximity to Athens makes them unbeatable as a choice for weekend getaways. Read here the highlights of the Argosaronic islands, i.e. the most beautiful things you will find on each of them.

Highlights of Aegina

Moni Island

Aegina certainly has a lot worth seeing, but the islet of Moni between Aegina and Agistri is the absolute highlight and a special experience. Taking the boat either from the port of Aegina or from Perdika, which is only 1,800 meters from the Monastery, you will find yourself in a rare protected habitat of animals and birds. Filled with pine trees, the islet is a haven for wild animals. You will see deer, squirrels, wild goats, kri-kri, peacocks, which are accustomed to the presence of people. Just choose to follow a hiking trail! You can still bathe in its crystal waters and return to Aegina late, as overnight stays in the Monastery are prohibited.


The picturesque fishing village is 9 kilometers from the port of Aegina. It is located at the end of a pleasant coastal path and is famous for its wonderful sunsets but also for its fish taverns with the freshest fish and seafood caught on the island. At the tip of the peninsula is Agios Sostis. The narrow picturesque alleys in the traditional settlement made up of small white houses with courtyards drowned in flowers that communicate with each other. They really give anyone who crosses them feelings of absolute calm.

Highlights of Poros

Lemon forest of Galata

It is not only its beautiful beaches, the picturesque alleys with neoclassical buildings, the Harbor of Love, the Russian Naval Station and the famous Clock Tower. Although it is located opposite Galatas, the famous Lemon Forest is justly one of the highlights of the Argosaronic islands. It is a small forest. Essentially a set of 600 united properties of about four acres each, with thousands of lemon trees! Lemon Forest is ideal for a beautiful walk during which you will come across water mills, as well as the white church of Agios Seraphim.

Clock Tower

It is located on the highest peak of Poros, in Kasteli. It becomes immediately visible when approaching the port, but also from wherever you look on the island. The route is relatively easy and pleasant, while on your way you will also meet the house of Kapodistrias. The panoramic view it has towards Galatas, the bay of Poros and the Peloponnese coast will shock you. The Clock Tower was built in 1927. It is a symbol of the island, but also a highlight not only of Poros, but also of the entire Argosaronicos!

Highlights of Hydra

Mount Eros

The most… romantic mountain is located in Hydra at an altitude of 600 meters. You see, the "Argosaronic princess" also has a romantic side that few know about. If you climb Mount Eros you will admire the panoramic view of the island, the Myrtle Sea and the entire Argosaronic Sea. During your route you will pass by the church of Agios Konstantinos of Hydraios and the Monastery of Prophet Ilias, where Theodoros Kolokotronis was imprisoned.

Sunset at Kanoni

To the right and left of the port are the bastions with the cannons that guarded Hydra from invaders in the past. Today this point where the cannons are located is known as "Kanoni". The incredible colors that form there when the sun sets are a prime backdrop for commemorative photos. Crowds of people flock to the spot to enjoy one of the best sunsets of the Argosaronic Sea!

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