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 The 365 churches in Paleochora, Aegina | One Day Cruise

The 365 churches in Paleochora, Aegina

A little flashback to the old capital

The truth about the 365 churches. The history of Paleochora is interesting and its construction activity began in ancient times. They also call the area "Mystras of Aegina". Several periods followed. The early Christian years, the Frankish rule and the Catalan Sovereignty. They followed the 1st and 2nd Venetian rule and the 1st and 2nd Turkish rule. Ever since the people of Aegina decided to go down to the port, they abandoned Paleochora.

The Mansions of Hydra | One Day Cruise

The Mansions of Hydra

Famous for its maritime history and cosmopolitan life, Hydra has much to be proud of, and one of its treasures is its renowned mansions. These grand houses are a testament to the wealth of their owners, many of whom were prominent shipowners who played significant roles in Greece's illustrious history. There are approximately 30 mansions and 300 houses of captains that immediately capture one's attention upon setting foot on the island. A visit to Hydra with One Day Cruise provides an excellent opportunity to admire these mansions up close!

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What you can experience in a One Day Cruise

One day is enough for you to enjoy the beauty of three islands of the Saronic Gulf: Hydra, Poros and Aegina. Through One Day Cruise you can discover the rich history, nature, traditions, authentic local kitchen and the cosmopolitan lifestyle of the islands.

What can you experience in a One Day Cruise? What we offer is an excellent choice of excursions to all island destinations according to your interests. We get to know each island better through the exciting stories of our guides, legends and customs.