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The museums of the Argosaronic Gulf

The islands of Argosaronikos are full of monuments and archaeological sites. Places and exhibits worth seeing. Whether you are a history lover or not. Here are some of the choices you have for each island. In addition we provide you with information on the museums of the Argosaronic Gulf.

Pavlos Kountouriotis House in Hydra

Most of the island's stone-built mansions have their own history. They host unique exhibits. Μaritime history of Hydra and painting exhibitions and much more. It' s worth to visit the House of Paul Kountouriotis, who was the first President of the Hellenic Republic. It has been renovated and hosts all personal belongings of George Averoff and Paul Koundouriotis himself . Exhibits include his priceless relics the liberation struggle of 1821.

All the museums of Hydra are open daily from 10.00-17.00, except the Lazaros Kountouriotis Museum. Which is closed on Mondays.

Archaeological Museum of Aegina

You will find it in the archaeological site of Kolona. It is the first "National Museum" of Greece, founded by Ioannis Kapodistrias. The origin of exhibits is also from this area. It has three rooms open to the public. The exhibits cover the period that begins from prehistoric times to the Roman times. Open daily, except Tuesdays and Thursdays  from 10am to 5.30pm.


Archaeological Museum of Poros

A visit is a good opportunity to get to know the history of the place. In the museum you will find sculptures from all over the area of ​​Trizinia. Also inscriptions and architectural members from Kalavria, Methana and Troizenia. As well as vases and figurines from Ermioni and Troyzenia. Its opening hours are daily,  from 8.30 to 16.00, except Tuesdays.


Historical and Folklore Museum of Aegina

You will find it in a neoclassical building of 1828. In the heart of the city of Aegina. It is of great interest, because it is nothing but one representation of traditional Aegean houses. There you will see historical and traditional objects. As well as archival documents. Getting an idea of ​​the daily lives of Aegina residents before two centuries. It is the home of Panagis Ireiotis. Who was Professor of Philology and Director of the School of Aegina. His daughter bequeathed it to the municipality.

Special info

On Sundays every month from 1/11 to 31/3 admission to all museums is free.

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