Tours for "tired lads" | One Day Cruise

Tours for "tired lads"

You may love traveling and excursions, but when it comes time to organize you may not be in the mood to deal. Your best bet is to have everything ready and arranged, tickets, accommodation, transportation and those complicated but necessary details to have a pleasant travel experience. You'd call yourselves "tired lads" before you've even left your house! Let's see what options you have here.

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Twin Temple in Aegina. Saint George & Saint Dimitrios | One Day Cruise

Twin Temple in Aegina. Saint George & Saint Dimitrios

Among the dozen churches of Aegina, the twin church of Saint George and Saint Dimitrios in the archaeological site of Paleochora is of special interest. And although the "Mystras of Aegina" does not lack churches, this twin temple can be in itself a good reason to visit the medieval settlement.

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Fistiki Fest 2022 | One Day Cruise

Fistiki Fest 2022

If you are looking for a good reason to visit Aegina, it could be the Pistachio Festival. This is a unique event in Greece that is organized every September on the beloved Argosaronic island. And since the weather at that time is still sweet and warm, take advantage of it to enjoy the beaches of Aegina, but also to experience the Aegina Fistiki Fest 2022 up close.

Aegina Fistiki Fest

What many do not know before experiencing the pulse of the festival up close is that it is not just a celebration where this nutritious fruit has its due. Beyond the stands with vendors promoting their peanut-based products, the celebration is framed by a rich artistic program with interesting events:

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