The Monastery of Prophet Elias in Hydra | One Day Cruise

The Monastery of Prophet Elias in Hydra

If you are or are going to spend a few days in Hydra, a great idea that combines exercise, tourism and exploration is a visit to the Monastery of Prophet Elias. Like every small church dedicated to the Prophet in question, the Monastery is located high up, at an altitude of 487 meters. The route leading to it is easy and takes 1-1.5 hours on foot. Alternatively, you can also arrive by donkey.

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Holidays in Aegina. Why? | One Day Cruise

Summer Holidays in Aegina. Why? (Part B)

Most of us have either already returned from this year's summer holidays or are enjoying the end of the summer season. But a small portion of people still haven't packed their bags. And as incredible as it sounds, some people are still looking for the destination that will cover all their needs. We, once again, recommend holidays in Aegina!

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