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Hollywood loves Greece | One Day Cruise

Hollywood loves Greece

The Hollywood film industry has chosen the Greek landscapes and islands as the backdrop for major productions. The examples are innumerable. Hollywood loves Greece and has proven it to this day!

Man of God | One Day Cruise

Man of God

"Man of God" or "O anthropos tou Theou", as the Greek title is, is the long-awaited biographical film written and directed by Jelena Popovic that concerns the history, life and action of Saint Nektarios of Aegina.

Zorba's Dance | One Day Cruise

Zorba's Dance: Challengingly fast and unchanged in time

Meet Zorba

Foreigners adore it as if it were their own dance. Zorba's Dance, our unique sirtaki, is one of our countless artistic legacies. Mikis Theodorakis wrote this orchestral song and it was included in the album "Zorba the Greek", which was also the soundtrack of the movie "Alexis Zorbas".