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9th Saronic Chamber Music Festival

9th Saronic Chamber Music Festival

The Saronic Chamber Music Festival, this unique musical institution, was born 9 years ago. Since then it has been presenting the body of the great chamber music works of the great classical composers. Every year are invited distinguished musicians from all over the world that connect with friendships and artistic visions!

Top must sightseeing in Saronic Islands

Sights you must see in Argosaronikos


In addition to wonderful seas and traditional taverns, the Argosaronic Islands have great sights. Here, you will find some of the most important attractions to put on your list.

Travel to the islands of Athens, pure inspiration

Travel to the islands of Athens, a pure inspiration

The islands of the Saronic Gulf are a lure for every traveler based in Athens. Those short and close trips to the islands of Athens are a real inspiration! With One Day Cruise, you can visit all three in just one day and also choose the package that suits you best.