Family gateways in Athens | One Day Cruise

Family gateways in Athens

In recent years, family fun has raised the bar quite a bit. Especially for parents, who are trying to entertain their little ones by organizing family gateways in Athens. The options are endless, so here's a summary of the best suggestions to spend carefree time with your little angels.

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 Hydra, the muse of artists | One Day Cruise

Hydra, the muse of artists

Cosmopolitan, charming, with a rich history and artistic tradition. Hydra was a magnet for all the spiritual life of Greece and abroad, thanks to the power of its simplicity. Island of artistic inspiration for great personalities. That's why they call her "the muse of artists".

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Youth votes for Weekend in Poros! | One Day Cruise

Youth votes for Weekend in Poros!

Picturesque, always cheerful with beautiful neoclassical city, this weekend's favorite island has many beauties. Poros invites not only those who love luxury but also those who are in the mood for fun ... on a low budget.

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