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The custom of Leidinos in Aegina

The custom of Leidinos, is a unique custom of Aegina that symbolizes the end of summer and summer jobs in the fields. It also symbolizes the passage in autumn and winter. Every year on September 14, on the day of the Cross, this custom is revived in the village of Kypseli, through a special theatrical event. It is accompanied by a lot of dancing and singing.

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 Local flavors of Aegina - Pistachio | One Day Cruise

Local flavors of Aegina - Pistachio

Like any other place, the special flavors of Aegina are based on its own traditional products. And a key staple of local Aegean cuisine could be no other than pistachio.


Its cultivation started in 1920 on the island and only in 1994 the product became PDO (Protected Designation of Origin). Two years later, his name was officially published in the European Union newspaper. The Aeginians put the peanut in all their recipes. They make spoon sweets and jams, biscuits and nuts. In addition they make syrupy pastries, croissants, cookies, pastels and liqueurs, chocolates, peanut butter, pistachio pistachio and pistachio, ie a liqueur-flavored pistachio paste.

If you visit Aegina and go out for a meal, you will find that the pistachio has invaded many traditional recipes that fit perfectly. Feel free to try a pistachio dish, it will surprise you. As for the Pistachio Festival, it takes place on the island every year in early September and if you are there you will have the opportunity to try it in all versions. And of course shopping for traditional products that you find anyway throughout the year.

Mountain greens

Nutmeg, zucchini, cardamides, porridge, are some of the names of the greens that grow in Aegina that the locals collect to make delicious pies.


It is a spice made from the top of fresh milk.


It is a fresh, creamy goat cheese and has a sour but rich taste. It used to be prepared in spring and summer, but now you can find it and ask for it easily.


It is a Saronic fish with a sweet taste. However, it is located in Aegina, where they fish because of the special composition of its waters.

Retsina of Aegina

Together with the rosettes and sabbaticals they are mainly produced for local consumption. Bulk for sale you can find if you take a stroll in the vineyards of Mesagros.

Olive Oil

Finally, in Aegina you will find a small local olive oil production.


 The miraculous Saint Nektarios of Aegina | One Day Cruise

The miraculous Saint Nektarios of Aegina

Saint Nektarios of Aegina

It is one of the largest orthodox monasteries in Greece and throughout the Balkans. The Holy Trinity Monastery with the church of Agios Nektarios is one of the top sights in Aegina. It attracts believers who want to worship, pray, and heal. Whether you are a fan of religious tourism or not, it is worth visiting if you are on the island.

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