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Spetses or Hydra: the eternal dilemma

Spetses or Hydra: the eternal dilemma

Beautiful nature, splendid beaches and centuries-long history are the three elements that characterize the island of Spetses. Spetses is close enough to Athens for enjoying a day trip and offers various activities and different places to keep you up for more days.

On the other hand, Hydra is the ideal escape from the city even for a single day, but its cultural and historical heritage as well as its wonderful waters can enchant you for a lifetime.

Both islands are a pole of attraction for jet setters everywhere, showing everyone their own lures. So, Spetses or Hydra? This is the eternal dilemma.

Unique experience with One Day Cruise

What you can experience in a One Day Cruise

One day is enough for you to enjoy the beauty of three islands of the Saronic Gulf: Hydra, Poros and Aegina. Through One Day Cruise you can discover the rich history, nature, traditions, authentic local kitchen and the cosmopolitan lifestyle of the islands.

What can you experience in a One Day Cruise? What we offer is an excellent choice of excursions to all island destinations according to your interests. We get to know each island better through the exciting stories of our guides, legends and customs.