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6 reasons for a one-day cruise from Athens | One Day Cruise

6 reasons for a one-day cruise from Athens

For someone who is visiting Athens for the first time, the sights he can see as well as the activities are varied. If you are on holiday in Athens, you have probably already done your research and decided how to spend your time. But do not miss a day trip from Athens to the Greek islands. If you can not choose then the best option is a one-day cruise with One Day Cruise that will take you to 3 islands: Hydra, Poros and Aegina. Here are the 6 reasons for a one-day cruise from Athens!

Aegina is an ideal destination for families | One Day Cruise

Aegina: A Family-Friendly Greek Island Retreat

Aegina, nestled in the picturesque Saronic Gulf and just a short ferry ride away from Athens, offers a harmonious fusion of history, natural splendor, and a laid-back ambiance, making it an idyllic haven for families.

How to organize your cruise | One Day Cruise

How to organize your cruise

Holidays and cruises are perfectly combined for an unforgettable summer experience. As long as you plan it carefully in advance, even if it is a one-day cruise with the One Day Cruise. How will you organize your cruise? See the steps you need to follow.

One day cruise with children - What to look out for? | One Day Cruise

One day cruise with children - What to look out for?

Even a day trip can turn into a whole preparation campaign when young children take part in it. This is because as parents, you need to anticipate everything your angels may need during the day. Here you will read everything you will need on a one-day cruise of One Day Cruise in the islands of the Saronic Gulf with your children to have a day without surprises.

Holidays in Aegina. Why? | One Day Cruise

Summer Holidays in Aegina. Why? (Part B)

Most of us have either already returned from this year's summer holidays or are enjoying the end of the summer season. But a small portion of people still haven't packed their bags. And as incredible as it sounds, some people are still looking for the destination that will cover all their needs. We, once again, recommend holidays in Aegina!

Why choose One Day Cruise | One Day Cruise

Why choose One Day Cruise

Cruises represent a classic, tried-and-true way of vacationing for many people worldwide. Whether it's a multi-day, short-term, or even a day cruise, it can turn into an unforgettable experience because you spend most of your time at sea. Simultaneously, you have the opportunity to discover many new places. Whether you have traveled by cruise ship before or are planning to do it for the first time, be sure that you will do it again. Here, you will find all the reasons to choose the One Day Cruise and explore three islands of the Argosaronic Gulf in one day: Hydra, Poros, and Aegina.