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Aegina in Mythology | One Day Cruise

Aegina in Mythology

Searching for the history and historical elements of a place, it is customary to go even further to discover the myths associated with it. Aegina was very popular in Mythology. Its myths became known from the hymns of Pindar and the epics of Homer. Besides, it has been inhabited since 404 BC, so it is a place with, if nothing else, a rich history.

Poros in Mythology | One Day Cruise

Poros in Mythology

As we know, Greek Mythology is much more than the 12 gods of Olympus. Poros in Mythology has various versions regarding its role. It is an island with a history of 2500 years. According to Mythology, Poros was devoted to the god Poseidon, while his role continued in both ancient and modern history.

The pistachio and the pistachio of Aegina | One Day Cruise

The pistachio and the pistachio of Aegina

Pistachio is one of the tastiest and best quality nuts you can choose. Its nutritional value is great, it is rich in biotin, proteins and minerals. Peanuts are eaten roasted or whole after removing the shell, salted or unsalted.

The pre-history of Hydra | One Day Cruise

The pre-history of Hydra

What do we know about Hydra today? Where did we get this information from? How far does history spread over the centuries?